At Queen of Apostles we have many opportunities for our youth to have on and off-site retreat experiences. We are very lucky to be situated at Mt. St. John which is a beautiful 100 acre nature preserve owned by the Marianist Provence.

For the Jr. High students we have an evening retreat to kick-off their Religious Education year. They have the opportunity to spend time on the Mt. St. John property, build community, and prepare for the coming year of R.E.

The high school youth at QAC have three retreats each year. We begin our year with an all night lock-in on the Mt. St. John property. It is primarily for community building and providing opportunities for our group to make goals for the year and pray together. Our autumn and spring retreats are held at Governor’s Island at Indian Lake. For the autumn, it’s focus is different each year, but always rooted in the catechesis of the Catholic Church. Planned and designed by our youth ministry and catechist team. Each spring our retreat is planned primarily for the spiritual development of the youth. We work with the senior youth to plan an experience that will help them deepen their faith, and learn more about themselves. For our retreats, we leave on a Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon. It is highly recommended for all participants of CrossRoads and Marianist LIFE to attend these annual retreats. It is a fun filled, meaningful weekend for all youth and adult moderators involved.

Retreat Forms

Spring Retreat Forms 2016

2015 Autumn Retreat form