Gift of Preparation

Sooner or later, we all will pass from this life on earth to our heavenly reward.  What c3greater gift can you give your survivors than the last gift you will ever give — the Gift of Preparation.

The Gift of Preparation is simply getting all of your paperwork affairs in order ahead of time.  In this part of our package we will provide many different forms that will help you gather and collect information.  We encourage you to keep one printed copy in a safe and secure place (like a home safe) and to keep a digital copy on your home computer as well as digital copies backed up.  You will need to ensure that your possible survivors know where to find these documents.  Some documents (like the ones keeping track of financial assets) may need to be copied multiple times before filling them out.  You should consider providing copies to your next of kin or, as a minimum, written notice of where they could find them in an emergency.

Our list of Appendices: (Click on each link to open the document)

A. Emergency Medical Info (to be kept on your refrigerator)

a. put a large RED cross as well as your name on the envelope

B. Emergency Medical Info (to be kept in your wallet)

C. AARP Organizing Your “Life” Documents

D. Financial Asset information (we will also provide an Asset Info Spreadsheet)

E. Liturgy Planning Sheet 

F. Methods of Sharing “Moms Stuff”  – Dec 2013, Money Magazine

G. Task List

H. Web Resources
Click here to download the resource list as a Word document
Click here to go to the web page of resources

Any of these forms should be updated at least yearly – we recommend on your birthday.  That way the work load of updating can be kept to a minimum.  Not all data elements apply to everyone, those that don’t apply simply line out or write in “N/A”.

Don’t forget you should also have the following documents (because of legal considerations we do not have recommended versions for you to fill out):

  1. Last Will and Testament
  2. Living Will
  3. Durable Medical Power of Attorney
  4. Legal Power of Attorney